Fortnite Summer Event & Dish-Stroyer Pickaxe 2022

Fortnite keeps on giving this Summer so with this article we will cover what will the No
Sweat Summer Event feature and how to obtain the Dish-stroyer Pickaxe in Battle Royale for
free! Epic offers free content throughout the year with various events and collaborators.

They know how to get the crowd going too, emphasizing teamwork to complete global
challenges for awesome rewards. Stick to the end to find out how to obtain the Dish-stroyer!

Fortnite Summer Event 2022

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No Sweat Summer 2022

This year’s summer event will blow your mind with new map changes, Summer-themed
cosmetics and POIs, and challenges to compete for free cosmetics and other sick rewards.

The event began on the 21st of July and will last till the 8th of August, so don’t worry, there is
plenty of time to get into the action and attain free goodies. Further, we will explore the quests,
challenges, and rewards this event entails.

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Quests and rewards (quests will change every three days)

No Sweat Sponsorship quests
These are available from the 21st of July and offer the following rewards:

  • experience
  • Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling
  • Meowscles’ Tail
    · No Sweat Marketing quests
    These are available from the 24th of July and offer the following rewards:
  • experience
  • Fish Flurry
    · No Sweat Product Recall quests
    These are available from the 28th of July and offer the following rewards:
  • experience
  • Goopy Guff
  • No Sweatin’ Lobby Track
  • Upon completing three quests players will receive the Nana Frost.
  • Upon completing seven quests players will receive the Sweaty Sailer Glider.
  • Upon completing fourteen quests players will receive the Sweaty Rotation Emote.
    · Rebuild the Block quests
    These are available from throughout the event and offer the following rewards:
  • experience
  • Sea-Wheeeed Contrail
  • Lucky Lance Pickaxe
  • Oro-Boris Back Bling
  • Players can vote for the new looks of the Restaurant, Apartments, and Shops.
    · Throw an ice cream cone at different named locations
    · Bust through doors in different neighborhoods
    · Destroy large sea buoys with Motorboat Missiles
    · Complete a lap around the boat race circuit after the starting countdown
    · Make a Character dance
    · Land after jumping from the Battle Bus during the No Sweat Summer event
    · Carry the No Sweat sign and place it at a sponsorship location
    · Fire off the Firework Flare Gun at Mighty Monument or Tilted Towers
    · Visit different named locations
    · Ring Doorbells until they break
    · to a Boogie Bomb
    · Jump on umbrellas along the beach
    · Emote at different promotional dance floors
    · Catch 3 seconds of air while driving a motorboat
    · Remove no sweat signs from recalled products and place them in an official bin
    · Pop no sweat summer inflatable objects
    · Damage opponents while swimming


Fortnite Crew members will automatically receive Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling
and Cuddle Cerise Style when logging in during the event.

Moreover, Creative Islands with the Summer event theme will be available for players to kick back and relax along with new Ice Cream flavors found in freezers around the island.

The new Medley, Riptide Raz, Slayer Charlotte, and Undercover Kor skins will also be available during the No Sweat Summer event, along with other popular skins.

Dish-stroyer Pickaxe

The No Sweat Summer event offers many free cosmetics for players to pick up; however,
with the recent Nvidia GeForce collaboration, they can claim a free Dish-stroyer Pickaxe as
well! To obtain the pickaxe, players must own a GeForce Now membership and use the
software to stream their Fortnite games at least once till the 4th of August.

To do this, simply open the GeForce Now app and select Fortnite. This will prompt a window
to sign in to your Epic account. From here, just enter a match and stream it with the Nvidia
software. But make sure you linked your Epic account with the Nvidia one first.

Those without an Nvidia account may get the Dish-stroyer regardless of the subscription plan they
go for. The pickaxe should appear in your locker by the 11th of August.

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